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“My son’s going to be an architect,” my friend said. She owns a large design firm and does beautiful work. I looked over at the kid eating pizza.  


I hope he gets to make his own choice, I thought to myself, whatever that choice might be.


When I was eighteen, well meaning people advised me not to major in English. "You'll end up teaching," they said, "or flipping burgers."  


But I majored in English because I like to read. And write. And think about the world’s great ideas. I also like to travel.


Being open to whatever was going to happen next, opportunities presented themselves that lead to a career in international business. And  all of my jobs, no matter what I was originally hired to do, seemed to morph into writing and creating projects. 


Most of the time, people develop expertise in the subjects that interest them. Expertise is valuable. My advise is to go with your passion, that past time that drives you when you're not thinking about work or money. Let it take you where it leads and you'll never have a boring day on the job.


Lesson 5:  Study whatever you want.  Build your life around what interests you.  Then figure out how to make money. 

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