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I am an entrepreneur, consultant, investor, and coach. I start businesses, develop, and sell them, and I enjoy helping others do the same. Typically I build businesses using public relations and marketing techniques that allow me to be in a cash positive position early in the business cycle.    


I am a coach to entrepreneurial individuals seeking to improve specific areas of their lives or to create new, more satisfying lifestyles.  My consulting practice is usually project-based with measurable objectives and a time line, such as helping a client start or sell a business or to grow the customer base through an event or media blitz. It is extremely important to me that my clients succeed in accomplishing their goals as a result of my advice.


I have started, developed, and sold businesses ranging from a high tech computer security service to a flight school and coin operated laundromats among others. I have invested in endeavors as diverse as a World War II Stearman Biplane offering flight tours to a stake in a simple Wash & Fold laundry service.


I like creating planned chaos and seeing where it leads, while keeping a long term strategy. Implement my creativity and being completely responsible for the results is very rewarding.  


I have provided consulting services to individuals, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies including PriceWaterhouseCoopers, National Semiconductor, Sprint, Bay Networks, the County of Sonoma (CA), churches, museums and non profits. 


My professional background, coupled with living experiences in New York, London, and San Francisco have prepared me well for this interesting career and lifestyle; I bring a unique perspective to my clients, my business start-ups, and my investment strategies.


With the proceeds of my businesses and consulting practice, I have invested in commercial and residential real estate in Northern California.

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