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After You Start Advertising Your Business

1.  Practice your pitch.


2.  Speak to potential buyers in positive terms, without exaggerating, even if you no longer enjoy your business.


3.  Know how to qualify your buyer. Prepare a few questions to determine if a potential buyer is real or a tire kicker.  True Story


4.  Have a cheat sheet so you can respond to inquiries without hesitation.


5.  Don’t talk too much. Leave room for the buyer to ask questions and to close the sale.


6.  Decide what you want to reveal about your business and what you need to keep confidential until later in the process.


7.  Have nondisclosure forms ready. A nondisclosure form is your potential buyer’s written promise not to reveal confidential information about your business. Download one.


8.  Tell the truth in every conversation.


9.  Check your emotions. Even though you put your heart and soul into your business, speak in factual terms and go easy on how hard it was to create.


10.  Accentuate the positive. You need only one buyer to close the deal, and the right person is out there. Keeping a positive attitude will help you achieve success.

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