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          You Are Living Someone Else’s Dream


Even if you don’t like your own business anymore, know that someone is looking for what you have.

I have sold businesses that had no cash flow, that had no customers, that had major problems.  If you have a revenue stream, you have something to sell. If you have a business infrastructure, you have something to sell. If you have positive cash flow, you have something to sell.  If you have only one of these things, you still have something to sell.  You may have something to sell even if it is only in the idea stage.

Ideally, your business is rolling in cash and doesn’t even require you to show up, right?  The reality is that not many businesses are like that.  Some lose money.  Some require crazy long hours.  When you determine the value of your business, remember that the systems you set up are of value.  A consultant can help you determine and articulate the value you hold.  Don’t close it, sell it.

If you have one or more of the assets in this list, you have something to sell:

  • An income stream

  • Positive cash flow

  • A customer base

  • A lease or real property

  • Valuable contracts

  • Inventory and fixtures

  • Relationships with vendors, industry contacts and potential customers

  • Business process, methods, and procedures

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