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Where'd We Move?

Where'd we move? A long answer to a short question... Lauren went to camp in Southern Cal, and while she was there, Gary and I stayed nearby in Palm Desert.

One evening, we spotted a fixer we thought would make great investment, threw out a low ball offer, then picked Lauren up and headed to Mexico for vacation.

There, we enrolled Lauren at a shool and put a deposit down on a beachfront condo. Our intention was to go home, throw a few things in a box, and start school in Puerto Aventura in the Yucatan. I sent a few emails looking for a tenant to rent our house in Upper Lake.

Then on our way to the airport in Cancun, a policeman pulled us over. He took Gary's driver's license and threatened to take the plates off our rental car. Our flight was due to take off in an hour.

After a lot of conversation, the cop said, "I'll put your license in my book and hand it to you. You know what to do."

We grabbed the license, put cash in the book and the cop went away. Then we pulled onto the freeway, shaken up but ready to put it behind us.

Twenty seconds later, it happened again. Different cop, same story.

The second cop was more adament that we wouldn't be making our flight. In all, we were pulled over three times during that one week stay.

While Lauren slept on the airplane, Gary and I decided to forget Mexico.

But when we got home, our low ball offer on the fixer was accepted and a wonderful tenant decided to rent our house.

So we moved.

To Palm Desert.

And Palm Valley School starts on September first.

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