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Coming Soon to a Driveway Near You

We don’t know where we’re going or how long we’ll be gone, but we left this morning in our new-to-us Econobox, otherwise known as an RV. It’s so hot in the desert that we just threw a bunch of junk in the back and headed north.

The hardest part of any adventure is getting over the threshold. We pulled over the first time at our next door neighbor’s house to double check a few things, toddled a few houses down to another neighbors, stopped again to recheck a few more things. Then we had to swing by the library so I could return a stack of books before they issued a warrant. At that point I thought Gary’s head would go into orbit but fortunately, he realized we we were out of gas.

So we made another stop to fuel up and at last, got on the freeway, the view opening up before us. “Ooops, I forgot to get our change,” Gary said. He had paid for our gas with a hundred-dollar bill, and of course we wanted our $48, so we circled back.

Then we got on the road.

And it is fun.

The Deets:

First stop: Carpenteria State Beach, Camp Site #373

Cost: $80, included full hook ups - okay, I experienced sticker shock at the price. Who pays that much to not have indoor plumbing?!

Our review: You can’t beat this location, right on the beach and a close bike ride into town. We ate dinner at Sly’s, a little pricey but great food in a laid back atmosphere. The stylized black and white photography in the back room is worth the visit. On the bike ride back to the camp site, we found the World’s Largest Torrey Pine and decided to seek out the World’s Largest Ball of Twine. I think it might be in Nebraska.

At the camp site, there's lots for kids to do. Our kid is still at camp, so we're working the kinks out of this new way to travel before our sweet reunion on Saturday. We made a fire - yes, they're allowed here - and had a glass of wine while waves crashed on the shore a few feet away. A great first night.

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