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Cue Up Johnny Cash - We Gotta Ring of Fire

Naturally, my mind went straight to an image of hair in flames, screaming children and litigious parents.

“I’m going to rig up a hoola hoop, infuse it with gas, light it on fire.” Gary told us when we started talking about how to trick out the slide we just bought on Craig’s list. “Kid will have to shoot through fire and ding a bell if they want to go down.”

Yes, it needs a little work. We threw it in the back of our truck and dragged it home, set it up in the sun to take a better look at it, and ka-blammo. Over it went, adding a few more dings to the line up of things we need to fix.

The flaming hoola hoop? I’m pretty sure I talk Gary down. But just in case, I'm going to add more Johnny Cash to the play list.

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