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Evidence of God in SLO

If your faith in God ever wanes, order the cheese board appetizer from Flour House in downtown San Luis Obispo. Before your friends beat you to it, snag the creamy stuff in the middle of the board. It’s like gorgonzola in a bath of whipped cream, and with salty smoked prosciutto and spicy red wine, your belief in a Higher Power is guaranteed to be restored.

“RV-ing isn’t as hard as I thought it would be,” Gary said as our friends Ann and Denton picked out the best wine on the menu and then put us up at their house. We’d spent exactly one night ”camping” at that point. So yes, it’s been pretty easy.

Ann woke us up to my favorite breakfast, nectarines she picked while we slept, granola, and yogurt.

“Whoa,” we heard a neighbor shout when we finally pulled out their driveway. Our electrical cord dangled from the back of the van.

"Oops," Gary and I pointed fingers at each other, tucked the cord back in and tootled on our way.

The Deets

Thursday nights in SLO, downtown erupts into a vibrant street fair with lots of street entertainment, fresh produce, and great places to eat. We chose Flour House for low key delicious pizza and then headed to Cowboy Cookies for desert. For overnight accommodation, I highly recommend Ann and Denton's house along with Karen's homemade granola, but you'll have to chase those sources down yourself.

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